Cito Training

For who is this course?

Kids Academy offers students in groups 5, 6, 7 & 8 help with language, math and study skills in the form of an intensive course. After this training you will master all skills to take the Cito test (group 5, 6, 7 or 8). We guarantee that you never exceed your level, but you get the most out of it and this can easily save 1 or 2 levels.

With the right help and a lot of practice, children can get the best out of themselves and therefore receive the most appropriate final advice for secondary education.

Getting up to speed.

In 10 years, no child has achieved a unfairly high Cito score. Scores are often higher than expected, but none of our pupils have dropped back in secondary education. We can give you a proper advice after the training.

In Summary

  • lgThe best preparation for the Cito
  • lgPractice with old real Cito tests.
  • lgSmall groups
  • lgAlso in weekends and Holidays
  • lgCourse cost: € 99,- per week

Are you ready to take the Cito test?

At Kids Academy, children from group 5, 6, 7 & 8 learn skills for the Cito test.

In 12 weeks we teach them exactly what they need to know to take the Cito test at their own level and get the most out of it.

Our priority is your child, not our method.

We believe that no child is the same and that is why each individual child is central to our approach. We adapt our methods to the needs of each individual student, not the other way around.

Send them back to school feeling confident!

We have developed teaching methods and materials that are easy for children to work with. We deliver better and sustained results.

This makes Cito's fun and children go back to school with a lot of confidence to show what they have learned.

After this course, the Cito test is no longer a snapshot and children will show improved results and sustained confidence.

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2500+ Satisfied parents

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