Cito Courses for Group 7 & 8


The best preparation for the Cito Test!!!

What you can expect from Kids Academy: 
  • Kids will learn everything they need to know.
  • Kids will catch up on all your deficiencies.
  • Kids will repeat difficult lessons, untill neccessary.
  • Kids will practice with real Cito Tests and our own material.
  • Kids will prepare their regular school tests.
 After the Course:
  • Kids will do their exams with confidence.
  • Kids will get the most out of your potential.
  • Kids will enjoy going to school again.
  • Learning and new challenges will be fun.

Kids Academy on TV (Jeugd Journaal)

Kids Academy

"Kids Academy places the student at the heart of our approach, and we tailor our methods accordingly."

No child learns the same way, which is why we pay close attention to finding the best method for each child. 

 After the evaluation test, we address all the deficiencies and work on mastering all the exercises as effectively as possible.

Often, there are easier ways to approach Cito exercises than what children learn at school, and we explain and practice them all.  

Finally, we don't think in terms of right or wrong, but rather in terms of what children can do and what they cannot do yet.  

And what they cannot do yet, we will teach them.

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We offer lessons at our office and at your place.

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